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Happy Feet Day Care Centre is for the children who is getting ready for schooling, taught by our experienced and caring staff. Your child will be introduced into the wonderful school environment in our half day or full day program.

Happy Feet contains curriculum which includes:

Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills develop oral language and make language meaningful to give children a broad intellectual basis for expressing thoughts and feelings. English is a through-line as is taught using immersion methodology like singing, stories, songs, rhymes, environmental print, flashcards and more...

Early language formation activities will lead to literacy, speech development and vocabulary skills in a child.

Focusing on understanding of hands on experiences rather than rote memory, taking into account cognitive development of young children to lay foundation for future mathematical processes.

Language and concepts of math include one -to-one correspondence patterns, sorting, sets , counting, number meaning and recognition, shapes, comparisons, measurement, time and money, addition and subtraction at age appropriate levels.

The real world and everyday experiences, the wind blowing, rain falling, fridge magnets, things growing. Science is also a process -a way of finding out about the world, asking questions and learning how to solve problems using all the senses, to Observe, to classify, to predict, to research, to communicate, gardening, experiments, cooking, animals and more..

Painting is sheer enjoyment for children. A child learns to control the muscles of his/her body and the materials with which he/she is working. A child's senses are stimulated by strong colour and interesting shapes.Through painting children learn to create, discover and unleash their creativity and imagination. Art activities are also excellent for developing a childs fine - motor skills. It Develops pre-writing and artistic skills in a child.

Enactment time:
It is a world of fantasy and make -believe and the child can break through the restrictions of reality. A child pretends to be someone or something different and make up situations and actions that go along with the new role that the child is playing. During pretend play children will be provided with different types of equipments, costumes and other props. Children will learn to express feelings, imitate facial expressions and language sounds. Through pretend play child can extend their imagination to the real life situations, child will use toys and costumes to play roles of the people around them. An exciting atmosphere is created for children to experiment and try out new roles.Fantasy play develops imagination, it gives an outlet for self expression, it enriches language skills, it offers emotional release and gives scope for socialization to occur.

Manipulative toys:
Activity boards, puzzles, beads are the toys where young children can enjoy manipulating them.They are attracted to the bright colours and the sounds that these toys offer.They offer instant gratification to the child therefore encouraging.These toys offer different challenge levels of a childs manipulatory activities.

Library and reading corner:
A Library housed at the centre is designed to inculcate reading habits. A wide range of exciting books and reading programme are offered to ensure that reading is fun. Early library knowledge skills will be developed in the reading programme.

Pretend play:
Imitation is indeed the best form of learning”, Symbolic play, jungle world dramatics, Kitchen Play, Dough play, Puppet shows using story flip puppets, Costumes and Props for enactment, Pretend play etc…During pretend play children wil be provided with different types of equipments, costumes and other props.children wil learn to express feelings, imitate facial expressions and language sounds.Through pretend play child can extend their imagination to the real life situations.A child wil use toys and costumes to play roles of the people around them.

Quiet corner:
When your child wants to take a break, they can go to sleep or sit on the cushions with soft toys or read a book.

Story time :
Promotes imagination, story telling skills and develops language and listening skills.

Music :
Music, rhythm and dance help children express their emotions and aid in developing listening skills, sequencing, language and motor co-ordination.They can explore instruments like Piano, Mandolin, Xylophone, Drums, and Tamborine etc. It involves perceiving and understanding patterns of sound, includes creating and communicating meaning from sound. Dancing is easy, great exercise and just plain fun for all ages. It's also a simple way to introduce kids to many different styles of movements.

Understanding ones body through breathing techniques, an introduction to basic asana with an aim to improve concentration and attention span and an effort to pay close attention to the mind and thought process.
Yoga helps childs flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. It helps the children in concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

e.g. – Suryanamaskar, Inhale and Exhale Techniques, Relaxation Techniques etc.,

Dancing is easy, great exercise, and just plain fun for all ages. It's also a simple way to introduce kids to many different styles of movements.

Computer time:
Concepts like Transport, fruits, Alphabets etc brought alive in animation, basic reward – reinforcement activities, enforcing through a multitude of number Rhymes, action Rhymes etc...

Games to increase spatial awareness and to encourage the use of intellectual that process memory, analyzing, solution finding etc. Basic Computer skills like mouse manipulation, retaining uniform, following instruction etc...

Age appropriate CD's are used to develop the language and listening skills in a child through rhymes, games etc.It helps their computer skills at an early age.

Activities in the motor room aid in physical development, hereby the children can gain control over large and small muscles through the use of Tunnels and Obstacle courses – Children learn about distance, spatial judgment and loco motor judgment through Kitchen band, batons, crawl through shapes, Hula hoop, Shovels and balls, the foam gym, Balancing rope etc.. 

Sandplay and outdoor activites :
Treasure hunts, activities like digging scooping, sieving etc, sand play is indeed a fine example of an concept trying to impart holistic development. If you actually observe a child during sand play, you will realize how all 5 areas of development are being fulfilled.

  • Physical Development – Fine motor/Gross motor
  • Cognitive development – Concepts like perception of depth, weight, shapes etc.,
  • Social development – Social interaction and exchange e.g. Learning to share, learning to wait etc..
  • Creative and Emotional Development – “Catharsis” encourages creative thought.
  • Language Development – New Vocabulary words etc. are learnt.

We Cater To-

Age group: 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+

Day Care Hours
Monday to Friday
9 30a.m to 12.30 p.m
9 30 a.m to 3.00 p.m
9 30 a.m to 5 00 p.m

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